The City of Plainview is home to 1246 people in Pierce County, Nebraska, and offers nearly everything residents could want From amenities and health care to education and activities. Plainview is a forward thinking community active in economic and community development.
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Quick Facts

Population: 1246
Median Age: 46.7
Land: 1.08 square miles

Housing in Plainview

Plainview, Nebraska currently has more than 650 houses, making affordable housing opportunities not only possible, but an incentive for living in the Pierce County community. Plainview has successfully been able to receive funding From the State of Nebraska and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to rehabilitate existing homes for moderate to low income residents.

Plainview community Center

Plainview Community Center

"Nebraska" Movie

Plainview received world-wide attention as it transformed into fictional community of Hawthorne during the filming of the Academy Award-nominated film "Nebraska" during 2013. Twenty-one Nebraskans were cast roles with an additional 227 hired as extras.
Family is an integral part of what makes Plainview such a wonderful city. The city offers two choices for education, as well as a hospital, pharmacy and assisted living center.
Whether you want to bolunteer or simply enjoy the social aspects of activities, there's something for you in Plainview.

Jobs in Plainview